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It’s been the hobby of Roman Emperors…


The very wealthy…

And the everyday person of modest means.

You don’t have to be rich to be a coin collector.

In fact, it’s less expensive than many more popular hobbies.

But you can enjoy the richness of coin collecting…

…and the wealth of history and art involved in creating the great coins.

This page was written to introduce you to this exciting world of coin collecting…

How Do You Get Started?

How you start your coin collection doesn’t really matter, all that matters is that you managed to get it off the ground.

However, you might find that you have a little more luck with some of the avenues of collecting than by just putting your hand down the back of the couch!

This, or between the cushions might be a good place for you to start looking for any loose change, but that particular bank won’t last for long and you’ll want somewhere that yields more coins.

These are just a few suggestions to get you started.

Besides, it all ultimately leads to the same result and only depends on how serious you are about your hobby.

The source for good coins is endless…

  • Your piggy bank.
  • Loose change
  • Bank rolls
  • Coin Dealers
  • Mail Order
  • Flea markets
  • Auctions
  • Classified ads
  • Online
  • Coin shows

The Secrets Of Buying

And Selling Coins

If you’re going to get into this hobby of collecting coins, there’s a lot to know…

And I’ve covered it all in my new book.

I call the book “Become a Coin Collecting Expert.

And here’s just some of what’s inside…

  • Buying coins without getting ripped off -
    All the elements you need to consider when buying coins, including wear… blemishes… purity… and authenticity. (page 27-31)

  • Inner circle secrets of great collectors -
    The secrets on how to value coins and what guides to use. (page 33)

  • Finding the right coin dealer…
    This relationship (with your dealer) determines the quality of yor hobby. Learn how to tell a good dealer from a bad one.  (page 38)

  • Preserving your coins…
    How to take care of your collection the right way.  (page 47)

  • What NOT to do with your coins.
    Avoid these common mistakes made by beginners that can ruin your coin collection. (page 48)

  • Must-have tool you can get for a few bucks.
    This simple tool will help preserve your coin collection. (page 51)

  • Accessories you need…
    All the tools you need for your new hobby. From bags to albums, from sleeves to tubes… all the stuff you need. (page 56)

  • The finer points of coin collecting.
    All about mintmarks, coin grading, and appreciation. (page 57-64)

  • The 3 types of coin collectors – which one are you?
    There are 3 basic types of coin collectors — knowing which kind you are makes all the difference. I show you how to “pick your niche”. (page 65)

  • Deciding on what kind of collection you want.
    Do you want to collect by date? By country? I’ll show you how to decide what kind of collection you want to have. (page 67)

This just scratches the surface of what’s in the book.

I give you everything you need to really get started in your new business.

I’m sure that right about now, you’re wondering…

How Much Does The Book Cost?

The real question is: how much is it worth to finally know all the stuff about coin collecting you’ve always wanted to know?

I suppose you could do what most people do — just “make it up as you go”, and use the “trial and error” method.

But why not take advantage of the experience and knowledge I’ve put into this simple book?

And I boil it all down for you in very simple, easy to understand terms.

Less than 100 pages — no fluff, all information you can put to work right now.

Order your copy of the book for just $17.

I’ll send you not only the book itself, but also the audio book (which you can listen to on your iPod or other MP3 player, or on your computer…

…or even burn it to CD).

And if it doesn’t work – I’ll send you back your money.

Doesn’t $17 seem reasonable?

And just in case you missed what I was saying, let me be clear…

You Get The Book PLUS The
Audio Book!

When you order your copy of “Become a Coin Collecting Expert today, you get the book in two different formats:

  1. Downloadable eBook.
    You can be reading Becoming an Expert Coin Collector in as little as 2 minutes from right now (even if it’s 2am on a Sunday!). My automated system will deliver your copy as a downloadable PDF file (which can be read on any computer). You can read the book on your computer, or you can print it out ifyou like.

    Download your copy.

  2. Downloadable Audio Book.
    I’ll also deliver you the Audio book version in MP3 format. You can listen to it on your iPod or other MP3 device, burn it to a CD, or just listen to it right on your computer. The choice is yours!

    Download your copy.

Try The Book Risk-Free For 8 Full Weeks!

There’s no need to make up your mind right now.

Get your copy of the book.

Read it.

Start enjoying the fun of collecting coins.

See if it works for you — if it gets you started on your new coin collecting hobby (it will).

I don’t want you to take any risk at all in ordering this book. So here’s what I’m willing to do: you get the book and audio, and put me to the test for EIGHT WEEKS.

If  at the end of the 8 weeks you don’t feel amazed, dazzled, and delighted with all the fun you’re having in your new hobby…

Simply ask for a refund.

I’ll give you 100% of your money back. No hassle. No questions.

8-Week Unconditional Guarantee”

My personal promise to you:

If “Become a Coin Collecting Expert doesn’t work for you, I don’t want to keep your money.

Get your copy of the book right now.

If it doesn’t fulfil your every expectation, help you enjoy your new hobby of coin collecting..

If you’re not 100% thrilled and delighted with the results…

Just ask for a refund and I’ll send you every penny of your money back.

It’s that simple, and the risk is 100% on my part… not yours.

For A Limited Time, Order Now

And Get These Free Bonus Gifts:

If you order now I’ll include the following free bonus gifts:


Essential Coin Collecting Insider Tips

Advice from some of the most successful coin collectors. In this short PDF you will learn what to collect, how to grade your coins, understanding coin dealers and much more. Free with your purchase. $23.00 Value…

How to Recognize Shrunken Coins

A coin collecting novelty niche, shrunken coins are an oddity created by massive magnetic fields which reduce the size of the coin by compressing it. Learn more about this speciality area and how to identify shrunken coins in this bonus PDF. $17.00 Value…


Coin Collecting Initiation Guide

If you’re just starting out this PDF will be very useful for you. It outlines the basics of coin collecting, from the origin of coins to coin and collection handling through to coin valuation and authentication. A great introduction to the world of coin collecting. $17.00 Value…

Total Value of Bonus Gifts = $57.00

Don’t forget – you have up to 2 whole months to decide …

But even if you decide to return it… you keep all of the bonus gifts.

For that matter, you get to keep everything (how could I make you “un-download” your book and audio book, even if I wanted to?).

Order Your Own Personal Copy Of “Become a Coin Collecting Expert” Right Now

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I want to finally learn how to I can become the Expert Coin Collector I’ve always wanted to be.. please give me INSTANT ACCESS to my downloadable copy of “Become a Coin Collecting Expert right now…

I understand my order will be processed on a totally secure server, and once it is processed, I will be able to immediately download my eBook (electronic book)… even if it’s 2am on a Sunday.
I understand I will immediately get $57 worth of additional bonuses that will supplement the information in the eBook and help me successfully enjoy coin collecting.
I understand that I have 56 days (8 weeks) to test each and every bit of information in your book and if I am not 100% thrilled with the “Become a Coin Collecting Expert package, I can get a full refund.
I understand I keep each of the 3 bonuses, even if I request a refund on the book.
I understand I also get the audio book version, which means I can listen to a professional recording of the entire book, any time I want, as many times as I want. The recording can be played on my computer, on my iPod, burned to a CD — any way I want to use it!

The instant my order is approved, I’ll download my copy of the book.

Note : you will be taken to Paypal’s secure server where you can be sure your payment will be handled professionally. You’ll see “” as the payment address.

What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose…

…and a satisfying new hobby to gain!


Rory Mac…


Now’s your chance to finally get started collecting coins. This one is a no-brainer thanks to our 8-week guarantee.